Why would I consider outsourcing?

Some of the benefits of outsourcing are:

  • Access experienced SMSF administration and audit resources as required
  • Save on the cost of administering funds
  • Increase your margin on SMSF work
  • Spend more time managing your clients
  • Utilise staff time on high margin work
  • Add to your SMSF business without the staff worries

Why SMSF Engine?

Personal service. You are dealing with a personable organisation, one where your account manager will always be available to assist you through the process and will understand you and your business. Backing this personal service is a best of breed team of SMSF Professionals chosen for their specialist knowledge and depth of experience. Our economies of scale mean that we can provide these services to you at a fraction of the cost of doing it yourself.

How many funds can I outsource?

We can assist you whether you send us one fund or a thousand. As there is no lock in contracts, you are free to use us as you need. Many new clients send us a small number of funds to ‘test the waters’, once they are comfortable they use us more and more.

About the Work

What are the costs involved? Will there be additional costs?

A detailed breakdown of our costs is shown on the Fees page.

One of the many great aspects of the SMSF Engine offer is our price simplicity and transparency. We try to minimise any change to our fees, there are a few exceptions. One of the most common additional fee is charged by the auditor for a Audit Contravention Report. In addition, where a fund requires an actuarial certificate, or a property valuation or title search, we can’t control these costs and we charge a little as we can to arrange.

We don’t tend to charge additional fees for complicated work as we attempt to absorb the cost, tidy up the fund and retain the fund work for years to come. There may be exceptions to this however we will communicate changes from time to time.

How do I provide my client files?

Simply log on to SMSF Engine and when you create a service request the interactive process will guide you through uploading the documents. We have a number of guides that can assist explain the process, of course we’d also like to help over the phone if you get stuck (Freecall 1300 364 597).

Will there be an allocated person whom we can contact to monitor the progress of the job?

You will have a dedicated account manager who will be your first point of contact and of course our senior managers are always available if needed.

What’s the greatest impediment to efficient administration?

The most important element of ensuring a successful outcome is efficient communication between you and our team. We need timely access to information and a prompt turnaround to queries.

Our successful relationships enjoy trust between the person responsible for providing information and the Engine team. Where details and documents are fed out a bit-at-a-time, it is difficult to deal with queries in a timely manner. If you and your staff have the time to commit to the process, we guarantee quick turnarounds and even the ability to process your priority jobs.

Our Daily Plus service is perfect for advisers without the time to commit to liaising with the trustees for answers to queries and documents.

What “deliverables” should I expect for my client?

You will receive a professional file with all fund documents:

  • Financial statements
  • Annual SMSF Return
  • Investment, and
  • Member reports

What is turnaround time once all the information is provided?

Maximum turnaround (excluding time waiting on trustee information) is 15 days. (5 days for initial processing and to request further information, 5 days to raise any additional queries and 5 days to complete the fund). We can work with you to discuss turnarounds and priorities and try to meet these where required. Audit turnaround is typically an additional 5-6 days.

What procedures are in place to ensure the quality of work is of high standards & require minimal review?

We minimise errors by reconciling all transactions and valuations to source documents. Where source documents are unavailable or there is any doubt over a transaction, we will seek further information and instruction from you (or the trustee for the Daily Plus service). If we are unable to satisfactorily resolve a query we would discuss that with you and the fund auditor prior to completion of the accounts.

We recognise that you have the greatest knowledge and understanding of your clients and recommend that you review all financials prior to audit.

Will you have direct contact with my clients?

It’s up to you. Generally no for the Daily service or the Annual administration. We only deal directly with you as we understand the importance of maintaining your client/accountant/adviser relationship. In sensitive cases where audits may be qualified either your practice or your client may request direct contact.

If you opt for the Daily Plus administration services, then we’ll be handling client contact as agreed in the administration contract, the communication will be limited to the function of administrating their fund.

How are queries managed?

When we identify issues that prevent us from completing the work, we will provide you with a query form which outlines the nature of the issue and, where possible, the recommended solution.

You are requested to complete the form by entering your response and attaching any associated documents. If you believe the matter is resolved you can mark the issues closed. For more information please see our query form instructions.

How do I know what documents to provide?

Generally we require the same documentation that your clients currently provide. This includes initially the trust deed, prior year accounts, member details and tax return plus the annual financial information. We have a checklist that will guide you through exactly what we will need based on the fund profile.

Do you also prepare the annual minutes?

We prepare the standard minutes and can assist with preparation of minutes for pensions or other specific events.

Do you offer discounted rates for volume of business?

Our prices are fixed in order to give you 100% certainty of the costs involved. Naturally, some funds are simple and some more complex, by offering a fixed fee and having no hidden fees we believe that the service is cost effective. If you have a specific circumstance (e.g. large volume or highly automated processes), then please contact us and we would be happy to discuss further.


What SMSF software do you support?

BGL360 and Class.


How do I know my data is secure?

Keeping client information secure is paramount. We ensure that the data you provide us remains secure from the time you upload to our site, when our team works on the files and when you finally download it.

We achieve comprehensive security and confidentiality over your files by:

  • Managing the latest online technologies (SSL, field level encryption)
  • Independent Audits of our internal and external systems
  • Complete network administration and monitoring
  • Engaging suppliers who meet our Due Diligence

About SMSF Engine

Who owns the firm? Is it an Australian?

We are an Australian Publicly Listed Company (ASX:SEQ) domiciled in Melbourne, Victoria. Our strategic alliances with various industry bodies, groups and partners, most notably the National Tax and Accountants’ Association allow us to provide value added services and products to our network of accounting firms.

What qualifications are held by the company/staff?

All accounting and management staff hold formal qualifications while support staff have significant industry experience. Across the team we have a range of memberships including the NTAA, Chartered Accountants, CPA and SMSF Association.

What Australian Accounting bodies is the outsourcer a member of?

SMSF Professionals Association of Australia (SPAA) and the Institute of Chartered Accountants.

How are staff trained?

The company has a Learning and Development Vertical that caters to the training and developmental needs of their staff plus additional SMSF specific training through SPAA.

How do you keep staff up to date on Australian accounting and tax legislation?

Updates are received on accounting, super and tax legislation from various sources. Our team work closely together in the Melbourne office where each member takes responsibility to prepare and deliver training sessions for the rest of the team, covering new legislation, industry developments and learnings from real life examples.

Can you provide customer references?

We have documented case studies and testimonials on our website. If you want more information please contact us and, based on the size and nature of your firm we can put you in touch with a client of similar nature.

What are your office hours?

Our hours are 9:00 to 5:00 Monday to Friday.