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SMSF Engine provides a comprehensive administration service for SMSF Melbourne-based trustees, accountants, and financial advisers.

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SMSF Engine is your SMSF Melbourne expert.

We provide a full suite of SMSF solutions for accounting firms and financial planners in Melbourne and elsewhere in Australia. Our services are ideal for those who must successfully execute tight timeframes and are looking for flexibility and cost-effective solutions.

We also provide services directly to SMSF trustees to assist them to comply with SMSF rules and regulations for their self managed superannuation fund.

Why SMSF Engine for SMSF Melbourne?

SMSF Engine aims to provide a professional and friendly service to two groups of clients:

  • Accountants and financial advisers to SMSF funds, and
  • Trustees of self-managed super funds

This means that trustees can choose to work directly with us. Or their primary relationships can be with their SMSF accountants and advisers – who then pass on the administration tasks to us.

Accountants and advisers can hand over some or all of their SMSF administration load to us, leaving them more time to provide professional SMSF advice and services to their funds and take on more clients.

All of the work is undertaken by 100% Australian SMSF specialists with SMSF experience stretching back to 2004. The auditors we use are also local and experts in Australian self-managed super funds.

You will work with a dedicated account manager, who will provide support on technical issues. We pride ourselves on our customer service – response time is immediate or within 24 to 48 hours.

A significant consideration is that we offer a flat dollar fee for our administration packages and additional SMSF services – you know what you will pay and are not restricted by the number of transactions or the size of the fund.

We can do this because of our sophisticated, cloud-based software.

For all our clients, we provide a simple, scalable, and secure service.

Easy-to-use online portalTake on more clientsSafe data handling protocols
Experienced local teamOngoing technical supportFiles securely encrypted
Fast turn-aroundWe grow with youLocal staff and auditors

SMSF Engine Services For SMSF
Melbourne Clients

Daily Administration & Audit

All your annual compliance requirements, including audit. PLUS 24/7 access to Clients, Trustees and Advisers.

Annual Administration & Audit

Comprehensive SMSF compliance service including fund annual financial statements, tax returns and member statements.

Other Services

Standalone audit, fund establishment, property valuation, title searches, actuarial certificates and more.

Daily SMSF Administration

We offer Daily or Daily Plus SMSF administration services.
Accountants and financial advisers can choose either of the options. Daily Plus is the only one available for trustees. Transactions are processed daily, leading to easy reconciliations and reliable document collection. We can monitor compliance, address issues as they happen, and ensure that member balances, contributions, and pension limits remain in check.


For the Annual option, you supply the standard fund documents.

The Daily SMSF administration service includes
  • Software usage
  • Administration
  • Accounting
  • Tax and compliance
  • Preparation of financial accounts, and
  • Pro forma SMSF tax returns for accountants

Bundling these services together creates a very cost-effective service for accountants in practice.

  • Annualised fee: $990
  • Monthly fee: $82.50

Clients can select additional services from the Daily Plus package at an additional charge for each one.

Daily Plus

The Daily Plus administration service adds the following to the Daily package:

The advantages of this approach include: ­
  • Fund mailbox (all correspondence for the fund comes via our offices for immediate action)
    Client liaison
  • Tax agent (including lodgement of tax returns and TBAR)
  • ASIC agent for Corporate Trustee, and
    End-of-year SMSF Audit

Trustees can rest assured that an SMSF expert is administering their self managed superannuation funds, whether they deal with us directly or through their accountants and advisers.

If you are an accountant or financial adviser, we can set up your clients on mobile devices to stay engaged with their self managed super fund.

  • Annualised fee: $2,220
  • Monthly fee: $183.33

Annual SMSF Administration

The Annual administration service is a low-cost SMSF solution for advisers and accountants. It suits SMSFs that do not require daily administration, online access or advanced reporting. Our annual SMSF compliance work can be completed once a year for a low fixed fee.

You supply the standard fund documents. We will process all transactions and journals and prepare draft accounts, SMSF annual returns and trustee documents for review and approval. You will save even more if you choose to bundle our audit service with your package.

  • Annual fee: $880
  • Annual fee with audit: $1,210

Other Services for SMSF Melbourne

Our experienced team can provide free technical support to the accountants and advisers we work with. We can clarify issues such as SMSF tax strategies, pension and contribution options, advice around software choices and suggestions for trustees facing complex problems

We can also offer other specialised services, at clearly defined fees. These include
  • Residential Property Valuations
  • Title Searches
  • An interactive Investment Strategy Preparer for Trustees (See our example strategy or go here to start your strategy.)
  • Establishment and deeds services. If you require new funds or amendments to existing funds, we can assist. For example, we can arrange for deeds, corporate trustees and property trusts.

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