SMSF Audit

Fast turnaround and low-cost SMSF Audits.

We have contracted a panel of auditors, including Baumgartner Superannuation, to provide independent Audit Services. The service can be used standalone or, if bundled with your administration work, the streamlined processes reduce the number of queries and make this service cost-effective.

SMSF Audits: Why Are They Necessary?

SMSF audits are mandatory as part of SMSF regulations in Australia regardless of whether or not you have made contributions or received any benefits throughout the year. 

The purpose of the SMSF audit is to ensure that the financial records are valid and accurate (financial audit) and that the fund is compliant with superannuation rules (compliance audit). 

All SMSF trustees must ensure that the fund undergoes a quality SMSF audit each year to ensure SMSF compliance. The SMSF trustees must appoint an independent auditor at least 45 days before their tax return with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) is due. 

To ensure your client’s SMSF meets all legal requirements, an annual audit with a specialist firm is essential. The independent auditor who conducts the SMSF audit must be registered with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).

Our Services: Financial and Compliance Audit

Currently, we offer our clients two SMSF audit packages:

Audit Bundled with Administration

When we prepare the accounts, we aim to collect all of the audit data upfront so that the audit process should be as smooth as possible. Naturally, we then pass these savings on to you.

Standalone Audit

When you or another accountant prepares financial accounts, we can still assist you with the Audit. You will simply need to complete an Audit only checklist and provide the Financial Statements and relevant source documents.

We have priced our standalone SMSF audit package into
three categories, Green, Amber and Red.


Green category SMSF audits
are charged at:


May Include:

Additional $100 for funds not using BGL, Class, Mclowd or Supermate

Gold and Silver

Managed Investment Schemes registered with ASIC

Cash and Term Deposits

Listed Equities


Amber category SMSF audits
are charged at


May Include:

Additional $100 for funds not using BGL, Class, Mclowd or Supermate

Related party transactions (excluding cash contributions)

Investments in Property

Investments in collectables

Loans made by the SMSF

Investments in companies or trusts that are not registered Managed Investment Schemes


Red category SMSF audits
are priced

Upon Application

May Include:

Investments in cryptocurrency

Death or divorce benefits

Investments in livestock/horses

Cash and Term Deposits

Related Party LRBA

Complex matters that require additional audit time or where specialist guidance is required

Why Choose Our SMSF Auditors?

SMSF Engine provides a professional and friendly service to our network of accountants and financial advisers, delivering a comprehensive range of flexible administration and auditing packages for all types of SMSFs.

Our SMSF auditing services are designed to be cost-effective and efficient while ensuring that your clients have a fully compliant self-managed superannuation fund. Our team will work with you on an ongoing basis to ensure that your client’s investments are always meeting regulatory requirements. We offer a full suite of online solutions for accounting firms and financial planners who require SMSF services to successfully execute tight timeframes, cost-effective solutions, and flexibility.


Once we’ve received all the necessary evidence, your audit will be completed and an audit report will be issued to you.


With over 30 years of experience in providing SMSF auditing and administration services, we are committed to delivering value added services that will get the job done right – every time!

Other Services

Besides our experienced team, we have an easy-to-use online portal that allows you to submit all the necessary information and monitor our auditing process.

How Does it Work?

Log into SMSF Engine

We process the data, liaise with you to resolve any queries and start the audit. The audit is performed with adherence to the Australian Auditing Standards, ASIC competency standards and independence requirements.

Simply select the service you require, upload all the necessary documentation and provide access to your fund software

You can also monitor the progress of all of your funds via your personal workflow screen. Once the audit is complete, we will highlight any issues brought to the trustees’ attention, provide an outline of our findings and issue an audit report.

Looking for an Independent SMSF Auditor? Try Our Online Auditing Solutions Today!

SMSF Engine is Australia’s leading provider of independent self-managed super fund auditing services. 

We provide the highest standard of audit services (based on the Australian Auditing Standards), ensuring your SMSF remains compliant with the Australian Taxation Office regulations at all times.