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Administration Service Providers for accountants, financial advisers and SMSF trustees

SMSF Engine is an SMSF administration service provider established to help accountants, financial planners, and SMSF trustees with a comprehensive service.

The strict regulatory requirements governing SMSF setup and ongoing upkeep demand the specialised expertise of SMSF service providers such as SMSF Engine.

Trusted Online SMSF Service Provider

SMSF Engine has been providing an SMSF administration service to accountants and financial planners since 2012. The service has now been extended to SMSF trustees.

We are 100% Australia-based and have in-depth knowledge and experience of the local SMSF sector and the legislative, regulatory, and administrative requirements for self-managed superannuation funds.

We are 100% Australia-based and have in-depth knowledge and experience of the local SMSF sector and the legislative, regulatory, and administrative requirements for self-managed superannuation funds.

Choose The SMSF Service Provider That Gives You Options

We pride ourselves on our ability to tailor our SMSF services to meet the specific needs of accountants, financial planners, and SMSF trustees.

We offer the choice of a premium daily administration service or a simple, low-cost annual service. We bundle services to give the most cost-effective options.

Services For SMSF Accountants And Financial Advisers

If you hand over the back-office SMSF administration of your funds to us, you can give attention to value-added professional services and financial advice for your clients. You will retain control of the client relationship.

You decide how much you want us to do:
  • You can choose to have your clients’ Annual SMSF compliance work completed once a year for a low fixed fee.
  • If you require daily SMSF administration, online access, or advanced reporting, you can choose our Daily or Daily Plus packages.
  • You can elect to have us liaise directly with your clients for documents and queries, or we will work only through you.
  • You can add other services to your chosen package at a transparent, fixed fee for each one.

You are not limited by the size of your fund, the number of transactions it has during the year, or how many members there are.

You can ask us to administer just one of the funds that you are managing – or thousands! Our systems give us the capacity to handle all of them. Our economies of scale also enable us to charge less than you probably can

  • SMSF Engine branding
  • Co-branding with your name and logos
  • A white label option so that you can brand the documents as you wish

Download an expression of interest form if you would like to discuss an existing SMSF transfer.

Use our quick and easy, free SMSF outsource calculator to estimate how much you can save your SMSF clients by engaging SMSF Engine as your SMSF service provider.

Services For SMSF Trustees

A self-managed super fund gives you greater control of your assets and investment decisions. Pension and estate planning can be based on your personal financial situation.

However, you also require in-depth technical knowledge and experience. You have the responsibility to keep up to date with changes and ensure compliance with the rules of the Australian Taxation Office and other SMSF regulations.

This is where you may need to seek professional advice and external service providers.

Our Daily Plus package is ideal for individual trustees.
  • Our SMSF software synchronises with your fund’s bank account. We will process all your transactions as they happen, leading to easy reconciliations and reliable document collection.
  • We will take immediate action on all correspondence for the fund, as we will act as the fund mailbox.
  • We will provide an accounting service and issue the required financial accounts.
  • We will lodge your tax return and act as your Tax agent.
  • We will be the ASIC agent for Corporate Trustees.

We can monitor compliance, deal with issues as they happen, & ensure that your member balances, contributions, and pension limits remain in check.

How SMSF Engine Can Help You

We are service providers who offer SMSF administration and other SMSF services that may benefit your super funds.

Summary Of Services

Daily Administration & Audit

All your annual compliance requirements, including audit. PLUS 24/7 access to Clients, Trustees and Advisers.

Annual Administration & Audit

Comprehensive SMSF compliance service including fund annual financial statements, tax returns and member statements.

Other Services

Standalone audit, fund establishment, property valuation, title searches, actuarial certificates and more.

Administration Services

We offer both daily and annual options

Annual SMSF Administration

For the Annual option, you supply the standard fund documents.

Our Daily Plus package is ideal for individual trustees.
  • We will process all transactions and journals and prepare draft accounts, SMSF annual returns and trustee documents for review and approval.
  • You will save even more if you choose to bundle our audit service with your package.

Ongoing SMSF Administration

If you select the Daily or Daily Plus packages, we provide ongoing SMSF administration and process each fund’s transactions throughout the year.

The advantages of this approach include: ­
  • Up to date information – you have an accurate picture of your self-managed super fund (including investment valuations) at any point during the year
  • Online reporting – our cloud-based technology gives you 24/7 access to investment and fund reports
  • Minimising compliance issues – by keeping on top of transactions, SMSF Engine can identify errors and potential compliance breaches as they occur and take remedial action

Other Services

We offer several services that you can add to your SMSF administration service. These include standalone actuarial or audit options, property valuations, title searches. We also have an interactive tool for you to review or prepare an investment strategy.

You may also need to seek assistance on Establishment and Deeds if you are setting up a new self-managed super fund, an SMSF trust deed or dealing with amendments for current funds.

Access To Our Partners And Affiliates

We have partnered with other local SMSF service providers to supplement our skills to ensure that we provide you with the highest quality product. Examples include our relationships with service providers for actuarial certificates, annual audits and the establishment of a new fund or trust deed.

McGing Actuarial

McGing Advisory & Actuarial (MGAA) is a boutique consultancy providing a personalised actuarial and consulting service to directors, senior leaders and executives, and support teams.

Baumgartner Superannuation

Baumgartner Superannuation has been the endorsed SMSF auditor for the NTAA. Bamgartners adhere to Baumgartners meet the Australian auditing standards and the ethical requirements Baumgartners pride themeselves on their professionalism and integrity.

NTAA Corporate

NTAA Corporate is an Incorporated Legal Practice. Their in-house solicitors oversee the establishment of and variations to Self Managed Superannuation Funds. NTAA Corporate also specialises in the establishment of Companies and Trusts.
NTAA Corporate is one of our important partner firms, and has been providing excellent products and customers services to NTAA members sicnce 2003


We charge a fixed fee for our SMSF administration packages and any other services you want to add. Prices are transparent – there is no fine print or hidden cost.

Where other fees may apply – for example, for funds with cryptocurrency, derivatives/options trading and other complex assets – we will discuss these with you.

All fees include GST.

Ongoing SMSF Administration

Anualised charge$990$2,200$880
Cost per month$82.50$183.33
Prepare statutory account & manage complianceIncludedIncluded
Pro forma SMSF tax returnsIncludedIncluded
Act as fund mailbox+$220Included
Liaise with trustee+$110Included
Tax agent (Including lodgement of tax returns)+$550Included
ASIC agent for Corporate trustee+$330Included
Fund the end-of-year SMSF Audit*FreeFree
Technical supportFreeFree
Annual administration+$550Included
Transition fee (If applicable)**+$330Included$180
Annual audit – together with annual administrationFree$330
Actuarial certificate – together with daily or
annual administration
Software usageIncludedIncludedIncluded
Ongoiong administrationIncludedIncluded$180

*Additional audit charges may apply. See here for more information
** Transition fees apply if historical data has to be reconstructed. It does not apply for the first year of operation

Fees For Other Services

Annual audit – standalone$495
Actuarial Certificate –
standalone DIY
$143start order
Investment Strategy PreparePDF only$99Example Strategy
Digitally signed$110Start Strategy
$99/110Send link to a trustee
Residential property valuation$99download form
Title searchNSW, VIC, OLD$55download form
Other states & Territories$99
Establishment and deed servicesSMSF establishment$770
Corporate trustee establishment$990
Deeds of Variations / Change of Trustee$550
Bare Trust$990
Property Trust Corporate Trustee$990
Establishment with Corp Trustee and Rollover Funds$1,950

What our clients say

"We have been outsourcing our clients Self Managed Super Fund work to SMSF engine for a number of years. This way we can be confident that our client’s SMSF’s are being handled by a team that is well versed in the compliance issues specific to SMSF’s. The process is so easy to follow and the service provided is always of an extremely high standard. SMSF Engine has been invaluable for a small practice such as ours.
Angelene Peacock | Summit Accounting
"We have worked with SMSF Engine for the past couple of years, choosing to outsource all of the administration and auditing aspects in relation to our clients’ self managed superannuation funds to them. I cannot recommend their services highly enough – the turn-around time is rapid, the team is always a pleasure to deal with, and communication through their website including logging of jobs, tracking work in progress and finalising the jobs is simple thanks to the simplicity of the website. Most importantly, they work with us in order to ensure that our clients consistently receive the highest professional service standards we can offer.
Kirsten Seage | Arnold & Finlay
"Thank you very much for taking the time to get back to me. Assured Super have been great with our clients financials that you have prepared for us. Lastly, your guys service has been fantastic and Abra you have amazing with your advice and assisting me with various client issues so thank you for all your help. Bobby
Bobby | Nationwide Service
"The people at SMSF Engine have come up with a system that has taken all the pain out of SMSF administration and audits for our firm. We can now spend our time assisting clients with their key business issues rather than being tied down with endless SMSF compliance rules and changes. SMSF Engine is a quality service that has really helped our practice.
Mark Rowberry | 360 Business Advisory

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