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Working with Covid-19

The SMSF Engine team are all fit and healthy and working remotely to provide high quality SMSF services to our clients during these challenging times.  If you need any assistance we are ready to help.Early Access to Super – ...
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Take care with member withdrawals

by Alicia Thomson There are many reasons a member may need to withdraw funds from their SMSF including funding insurance premiums, full member exits, fund wind-ups and the more recent phenomenon Covid-19 early release.  It is extremely...
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The benefits of spousal contributions splitting

by Duc HongThe contribution splitting rules can be utilised to benefit your clients in a number of ways.  To be eligible to split contributions with a spouse, a number of conditions must be met including:Can split up to 85%...
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The Power of Reversionary Pensions 

by Abra Chowdhury A reversionary pension is a superannuation income stream that will, on the death of the pension owner, automatically continue to a nominated beneficiary. The beneficiary must meet the SIS definition of dependent both at...
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ATO Targeting COVID-19 Relief Measures

by Alex PolorotoffThe ATO has indicated it will be placing a greater focus on scrutinising documentation and investment strategies as part of its review of SMSF audits this year, particularly in relation to the relief measures in...
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Non-Concessional Contributions Explainer

 by Mark Phillips The rules around eligibility to make non-concessional contributions can be a little confusing.  We have created a flowchart to assist you to work through the current rules, which include increasing the age at which you...
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