News & Articles | SMSF Engine - Part 15
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Class Client View – Free Advisor and Client software

Class Super have released the latest version of ClientViewWe can provide you with access so that you can get daily updates on your client super.Best of all this is FREE as part of your SMSF Engine Daily Administration...
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Tips for getting the SMSF annual return right

The information below may help you avoid potential pitfalls when preparing your SMSF annual return.Providing electronic funds transfer (EFT) details at Section A, Question 77A – Bank account (Super payments)The bank account...
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SMSF year end review tips

The end of the financial year is a good time to review your, and your clients SMSF arrangements to ensure everything is set up for success in the coming year. Below are a few areas you may wish to consider as part of that reviiewReview...
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ATO’s deadline for review non-arm’s length LRBAs extended

The ATO is allowing SMSF trustees additional time until 31 January 2017 to ensure that any LRBA’s that their fund has are on terms consistent with an arm’s length dealing, or alternatively are brought to an end.Previously, in...
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SMSF: Size matters when it comes to asset allocation

The ATO recently release statistics in relation to the 2014 year. We had a look at the comparison of asset allocation percentages from 2014 to 2011. As usual there were some interesting observations:Cash & Listed...
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