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The real difference between individual and corporate trustees

by Mark Phillips Is there any real difference between Individual and Corporate Trustees? A key consideration when establishing an SMSF is whether to use an individual or corporate trustee. Generally where the decision is left to the...
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Pension Loans Scheme

by Brent Jones My aunt asked me if I could help her arrange a reverse mortgage so that she could get her leaky roof, and a few other things, fixed . I called a broker to discuss. He recommend that, instead of a reverse mortgage, which are...
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Common Sense Prevails in Budget Changes

by Alicia Thomson We are pleased the recent budget left SMSFs alone for once, although there were significant changes for the broader Superannuation industry. We can expect some of these changes to lead to increased member movements...
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There’s still life in the Transition to Retirement Strategy

by Duc Hong The changes introduced from 1 July 2017 meant that assets supporting a TRIS are no longer exempt from tax. While that was a significant change, there are still circumstances where the TRIS strategy can be...
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Residency is Critical for SMSFs

by Abra Chowdhury To be eligible to take advantage of concessional tax rates, a super fund must meet the definition of “complying superannuation fund” which includes being an “Australian Superannuation Fund”. It is an ongoing...
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