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Covid19, Investment Losses and Pension Balances

by Alicia ThomsonSome SMSFs may be experiencing falls in investment values due to the impact of COVID-19 which has impacted pension account balances.  Members with pension accounts might be considering  increasing their...
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Downsizer Contributions

by Capt. Mark PhillipsThe Downsizer Contribution has been with us since 1 July 2018 and it is now worthwhile reviewing eligibility and the potential strategies that can be implemented with those rules.Eligibility:Members...
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Contributions, pensions, CGT and other handy updates

by Alex PolorotoffConcessional contributionsThe concessional contribution cap is currently $25,000.  This applies to all concessional contributions, even if they are made to different funds.This is the first year a...
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Blanket Lodgement Deferral

by Alicia ThomsonThe ATO recently announced a blanket lodgement deferral for all 2019 SMSF Annual Returns to the 30th of June 2020, where the previous lodgement due date was either the 15th of May 2020 or the 5th of June...
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Non-Complying Investment Strategies

In August last year the ATO wrote to SMSF Trustees where their fund held a single property with a Limited Recourse Borrowing Arrangement.  The letter raised the ATO’s concern around a lack of diversification and the potential to...
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