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SMSF Service Providers in Sydney

SMSF Engine is your solution if you are looking for an SMSF administration provider in Sydney.

We provide the technical skills to ensure self-managed super fund compliance and advanced technologies to streamline processes and improve client efficiencies.

SMSF Engine – What We Offer

We offer comprehensive administration and aadvanced technical services for superannuation funds.

Administration Services

We provide a comprehensive accounting, taxation and administration service to meet all SMSF compliance and Government regulatory requirements. This is ideal for SMSF accountants, financial advisers, and self-managed super fund trustees in Sydney and elsewhere in Australia.

  • We offer Daily or Daily Plus for ongoing SMSF administration or a simple Annual package for those who do not require daily administration, online access or advanced reporting.
  • All of these packages are appropriate for accountants and advisers, depending on their needs. The Daily Plus is ideal for Trustees.
  • We are very flexible and can add components as needed. For example, our Daily service can prepare a pro-forma tax return for accountants, or you can have us lodge under our tax agent code. You can use your own auditors or utilise us to arrange your annual audit.

Other Services

We also offer specialised and technical SMSF skills. These include:
  • Establishment and deeds. If you require a new SMSF setup or variations to existing funds, we can assist. For example, we can arrange for a trust deed, corporate trustee, or property trust.
  • Actuarial certificates
  • Investment strategy preparer
  • Property valuations
  • Title searches


There are flat fees per package and any additional services. You know what you will pay and are not restricted by the number of transactions or the size of the super fund. Bundling services together is a very cost-effective option for SMSF accountants in Sydney and elsewhere in Australia.

Summary Of Services

Daily Administration & Audit

All your annual compliance requirements, including audit. PLUS 24/7 access to Clients, Trustees and Advisers.

Annual Administration & Audit

Comprehensive SMSF compliance service including fund annual financial statements, tax returns and member statements.

Other Services

Standalone audit, fund establishment, property valuation, title searches, actuarial certificates and more.

Why SMSF Engine For SMSF Accountants Sydney?

We have a team of qualified accountants with proven expertise to meet SMSF requirements and professional standards legislation in Australia. We provide a full accounting and SMSF administration service to accountants and financial advisers or directly to trustees of superannuation funds.

Online Service Provider For SMSF Accountants And Financial Planners

We provide a full suite of online and automated solutions for accounting firms and financial planners in Sydney and across Australia. They are ideal for those responsible for the accounting, tax return and administration for their SMSF super funds.

Accountants and advisers can concentrate on providing strategic advice and adding value to their SMSF funds. They can outsource non-core work to us with the confidence that they remain in control of their clients.

Our service allows them the time to take on more funds – we will
scale with them.

Accounting And Administration For SMSF Trustees

Thousands of Australians have elected self-managed superannuation funds as tools for estate planning and retirement.

We will assist them in meeting legislative requirements for their funds, including taxation services, and ensure that they do not incur unnecessary risk to their pensions or financial future.

Our Daily Plus is the package best suited for this.

Trustees can deal directly with us. Or they can work primarily with their chosen accountants and advisers and know that we are handling the back-office SMSF compliance tasks.

Our Experience and Expertise for Your Self Managed Super Fund

We have been providing quality service for self-managed superannuation funds since 2012 and our team’s SMSF experience stretches back to 2004.
Our SMSF experts are 100% Australian based, with our accounting/technical team based in Melbourne and our retail client services team in Sydney.

They have specialist knowledge in
  • The financial services industry, and specifically in superannuation funds
  • Accounting
  • Financial planning
  • Tax accounting
  • SMSF administration

We are members of the National Tax and Accountants Association (NTAA) and have been endorsed by the NTAA as the recommended administrator for their members. SMSF Engine has set up strategic partnerships with local auditors and actuaries to provide additional SMSF specialist services to clients who want them. We have dedicated account managers who will provide free technical support to the accountants and advisers we work with.

We can provide technical clarity on issues such as
  • SMSF tax strategies, tax benefits, and compliance with Australian
  • Taxation Office requirements
  • Pension and contribution options
  • Advice on accounting software choices, and
  • Suggestions for trustees facing complex issues

We pride ourselves on our customer service – response time is immediate or within 24 to 48 hours.

Technology For Self-Managed Super Funds

We use technology and an easy to use online portal to streamline processes and improve your efficiency. We ensure safe data handling protocols and all files are securely encrypted.

Automated Online Administration

If you are using one of our Daily packages, our technology synchronises with your fund’s bank account and transactions are processed on a daily basis.

You can have 24/7 access to all your data because of our sophisticated, cloud-based software. If you are an accountant or financial adviser, we can set up your clients on mobile devices to stay engaged with their self managed super fund.

How It Works


You upload work papers and provide access to your fund software


We process the data and lliaise with you to resoleve any queries.


We review and provide the final documents online for you.

Investment Strategy Solution For SMSF Accountants Sydney

If you are an accountant or financial adviser to a super fund, you will be aware of the increased compliance focus on SMSF investment decisions.

SIS legislation (section 52B (2) (f)) makes it clear that investments need to be regularly reviewed, and auditors are looking more closely at particular investment plans.

Our SMSF investment strategy solution has simplified the process of developing a complying investment strategy, walking them through each step of formulating their plan before generating a formal document based on their responses.

How it works

Download an example or start preparing your own strategy before you start investing.

See How Much You Can Save

Use our quick and easy, free SMSF outsource calculator to estimate how much you can save your SMSF Sydney clients by engaging our SMSF expert services.

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