New Developments / Apr 26, 2021

You can trust us!

Mark Phillips
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by Mark Philips

Do your trust clients cause you headaches? Chasing down missing information, tracking CGT, corporate actions, dividend reinvestment’s and AMIT components?  Well we have the solution. 

With the ongoing success of our SMSF admin service, we are preparing to launch a trust product.  The trust service will include:

  • 24/7 access for you and your clients to cloud-based reporting
  • Establishment of available data feeds
  • Daily pricing for listed securities
  • Daily processing of unmatched transactions
  • All processing done on-shore by our Melbourne & Sydney teams
  • Preparation of annual financials and minutes
  • Beneficiary distributions
  • Pro-forma tax return (we can also lodge on your behalf)

We will formally launch the service in June this year, to be ready for the 2021 financial year and to get set for the 2022 year and beyond. 

So how much demand is there?  We are asking for your help to let us know if you would use a trust service and potentially how many trusts you have.  This information will allow us to plan for additional resources to ensure we can continue to provide high quality work with prompt turnarounds. 

Please email me directly at or call us on 1300 364 597, we’d love to hear from you. 

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